Hello there Milwaukee!

If you haven’t been to JJPlays.com in a while, or if you’ve never heard of it, might I invite you to give it a look-see?  I am currently updating all of the pianists’ info, and have even added a few new ones (shout-out to Jeff Schaetzke who recently joined the list!).  Milwaukee is so lucky to have such a pool of incredible talent.  If you are looking for a pianist in Milwaukee, then you are lucky too!  Click on a name and learn more about each pianist on the list.  Or click on an email address and send an email to one of your favorite pianists.

JJPlays.com is a completely free service. The pianists do not pay to be on the list and the clients do not pay additional fees when they use jjplays to find a pianist. Born of the belief that there are lots of great gigs and lots of great pianists, this site seeks to hook up the right pianist with the right gig.

Over the course of December, I plan to do some major revisions/edits.  In the meantime, I’d love to receive your input.  Layout?  Content?  Joke requests?  🙂  Just let me know!

Thanks, Milwaukee!  Best town, best people!  And don’t forget…


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