Lotta Shakin’

We are doing some shakin’ here at JJPlays.com! But not as much as “The Killer”!

You probably already know about the Gig Request Form. I am amazed and delighted to say that, since the site was redesigned and updated, we have already received twice as many Gig Requests per month than we did last year. Yay!

Richard Carsey, Milwaukee PianistStarting in February, Jamie’s “jokes from the john” is going on vacation for a while. In it’s place, we will be running a new feature – the Maestro Muses. It promises to be a wealth of wisdom for singers, pianists, and folks who would hire singers and pianists. It will be written by Milwaukee’s own Richard Carsey. I think you will love it. Please check back soon to see how we are shakin’ things up here at JJPlays.com!

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