a cappella, or cappella?

chappellWhy go a cappella (in the chapel style, or as we know it today, without accompaniment), when you can GO CAPPELLA??
I’m referring to Ryan Cappleman, the latest addition to JJPlays.com. Ryan’s very surname has a rich musical history*.
I’ve known Ryan for sometime now, ever since I met him at UW- Milwaukee. He’s a talented hoofer, singer, showman, and accompanist. Very versatile.

I recommend you check out Ryan’s brand new bio page, complete with dashing headshot. Chances are that he’s just the pianist you need for your next gig. Welcome, Ryan!

*Recorded in many spellings including Chappell, Chappel, Chapple, Capel, Capelle, and Capewell, (English), Chapell, Chapelle, Capell, (France), Capela, Cappella, (Italian), Capilla and Capella (Spanish and Portugese), Capel and Van de Keppel (Dutch), Van de Capelle (Flemish), Kapple, Kapplemann, Capel, and Cappleman (German), this is usually a topographical name for someone who lived by a chapel.

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