Jack Forbes Wilson – Milwaukee Pianist

Jack Forbes Wilson - Milwaukee Pianist

Jack Forbes Wilson - Milwaukee Pianist

It’s hard to know where to begin talking about Jack. After his incredible turn as Liberace in the Milwaukee Rep’s Stackner Theatre, I began to use the names “Jack Forbes Wilson” and “Jack Wilson” as exclamations, as in, “Jack Wilson, it’s a beautiful day today”, and “Jack FORBES Wilson, that was an incredible concert”. No doubt, the name should be a household word, and practically is in Wisconsin.
Jack is active as a music director, actor, pianist, church musician and teacher. In all of these capacities, he absolutely excels. He’s many people’s first call for a musician, and he is so sought after in Milwaukee and Madison, that it’s not always easy to get him to do your gig. But it’s still very much worth a try. You won’t find a finer, more energetic, kinder or more capable pianist in these parts. Jack Wilson, that’s the truth!

Phone: 414.964.5832
email: JackForbesWilson@aol.com

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  1. Hello
    I am a lifelong fan of Liberace and wish you well in your new production. Would love to have a photo of you as Liberace and to hear recordings on CD of your playing. That would be great. My address is 46 Cludd Avenue, Newark, NG 24 2GL United Kingdom
    Lee’s music, costumes and personality were all wonderful. I am 52 years old and remember seeing him several times at the London Palladium.
    Some of us who were in his UK fan club still meet regularly in London
    Bless you for keeping Lee’s memory alive. Love from Robert Turner xxx

  2. Hello Jack,
    I am trying to put together a Cole Porter evening performance at St. John’s on the Lake, for Fall (Date tbd). I expect this will mean an hour or possibly a little more performance.
    Would you be interested in this opportunity? Your name was suggested to me by Diane
    Marjorie Moon

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