Jokes from the John

My true love, jokes. Combine my love for jokes with a Flip camera, and, clearly, I have found my calling. Enjoy, or at least don’t groan too loudly!

Not technically a joke from the john. But, hey, I make up the rules as I go along!

The Ethnicity of Using the Loo

The Egg Joke.  Enough, already!

The Donkey Joke.  Thanks, Martin Mull!

Penguin Joke 3.0: GUEST APPEARANCE! JOEL KOPISCHKE! This joke is so good, it bears a re-tell!

Parrot Joke!:

Sad story about my neighbor’s cat (I apologize for the departure from humor, but somethings aren’t funny)

The Fish Joke (on location at Disney World) for Becky Spice:

The Penguin Joke (note: New joke for me – I couldn’t quite get the punchline right. Maybe you can! Send me a video response of your retelling of the joke, and I will give you $25 off the next time you hire me for a coaching or a gig!):

The Penguin Joke 2.0 (note: This is my first attempt. Which version is better in your opinion? Let me know, and I will give you $10 off the next time you hire me for a gig or a coaching!):

The Clown Joke:

The Other Clown Joke:

The Wendy Joke:

The Italian Statue Joke, the joke that started it all:

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  1. What are you when on your way into the john? Rushin’ What are you when you come out of the john? Finish(ed)

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