Mark Carlstein – Milwaukee Pianist

Mark Carlstein is a fabulous pianist and a really friendly guy. He’s also quite tall.  If you do a google image search for Mark Carlstein, you see a lot of these singer anthologies.  That’s because he does a lot of editing at Hal Leonard.  If you own the song selections from Wicked, you have a piece of Mark Carlstein’s soul in your very own parlor.  Mark brings his incredible ear and an editor’s sense of detail to his playing. He plays everything note-perfect, and beautifully.  And then….and then…he adds the Mark Carlstein personality!   With brio and life, he pulls anything he plays completely off the page, turning it into a living, breathing, 3-D musical presence.  Right there in front of you!

Having a full-time gig and a beautiful family keeps Mark’s extra-curricular gigging to a minimum, but it’s worth trying to contact him for your gig.  You can look, but you will not find a finer pianist.

phone: 262.569.6503(h)414.774.3630×258(w)

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