The Maestro Muses

RicardoRichard Carsey is a pianist, conductor, and actor who has toiled in this business we call “show” for over 25 years. “The Maestro Muses” is a series of articles for singers and pianists about collaboration in a variety of environments. It is primarily aimed at musical theater singers and those who play for them, but many of the observations are applicable to a variety of circumstances in which musicians work together. The goal is to increase understanding of how we can join forces effectively to reach our potential as artists. Suggestions for future columns and constructive observations about current ones are welcome!

Article 1: A Romantic Atmosphere How to prepare a pianist for your audition
Article 2: Moving Too Fast Aiding an out-of-control accompanist
Article 3: Don’t Rain on My Parade Being an accompanist at auditiions
Article 4: Soliloquy A personal audition story

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