Upcoming Gigs

Here are the gigs I’ve got lined up for the 2013-2014 season:

At the top of October, I’ll be doing a couple more recordings for Hal Leonard at Tanner/Monagle studios downtown. I absolutely love working with these folks, and recording is simply a blast.

October 4 and 5: Florentine Opera’s 80th anniversary celebration at the Opera Center.

and then, AND THEN…

I’m hitting the road. A month in NY to rehearse, and from there on out, this is my itinerary:


Please come visit me in the city of your choice!!

Happy gigging, Milwaukee!

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  1. Hi Jamie- I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I am a former student of Diane’s (You played Meadowlark for me a few years ago- God bless your poor fingers!!) Anyway, I am coming with a group of family to see Phantom on March 8th, 1:00PM in St. Louis! I heard a rumor that you might be playing or conducting that performance. Even if not- we are huge fans of yours and wanted to wish you a great performance, and to let you know just how excited we all are to see the show!

  2. Hi Bethany! So nice of you to be in touch! I definitely remember playing for you. I love playing that chart, and it was really fun to do it with you. Indeed, I might be playing or conducting that show, depending on what the production needs that day. I think I’m probably playing Keys 1. Please pop down to the pit after the show and say hi! The orchestra has exit music, so usually the theater is almost empty by the time we get down playing. It would be lovely to see you!

  3. Hi Jamie! We can’t wait to see the show and we will definitely stop by and see you after the show! 🙂

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