What is JJPlays.com?

JJPlays.com began in 2009 like a lot of personal websites do: a place for me to put my bio, headshot, and résumé. As time went on, I realized I needed a way to give out my colleagues’ contact information to potential clients when I wasn’t able to take a gig. Eventually, that list of colleagues became the thrust of the project, and now it is the home page.

Over time, the Gig Request Form was added, enabling potential clients to easily contact all of the pianists on the Milwaukee Pianists page.

And then I started adding things for the fun of it! Please hover over/click on The Really Fun Stuff. Check out the amazing blog posts by Maestro Richard Carsey (The Maestro Muses), the ever-popular (in my own mind) Jokes from the John, and, the brand new, The Pianist’s Plaint, which I hope will include ideas for making all of our gigging experiences better.

I believe Milwaukee has an amazing Arts community. I believe Milwaukee Pianists are talented, supportive, helpful and connected to one another. I believe that music is not competitive, but inclusive; there is a gig that is right for every pianist, and a pianist that is right for every gig.

JJPlays.com is a completely free service. The pianists do not pay to be on the list, and potential clients do not pay any fees, other than what they agree to pay the pianists for their services.

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