Mark Mrozek

Mark Mrozek
Mark Mrozek

A lifetime resident of the area and graduate of Carroll College with a degree in Music Education, Mark spent 12 years teaching high school and middle school. He spent the last 8 years as a music/activity therapist for the assisted living residents of a large Southeastern Wisconsin Senior Living Center, and by night he is a freelance musician, Union Music Director at Festa Italiana, and runs BtW Productions, a company that supplies musicians and technical assistance to community theaters.

A professional accompanist, band member and church musician, Mark is proficient in most styles of music and is an excellent arranger for groups large and small.

He is currently active behind the piano as band leader for the Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets, the Radio Rosies, and the bands of BtW. Mark can usually be seen Music Directing at the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove.

Mark’s website
phone: 414.238.4019

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