Maggie Rebers

Maggie Rebers
Maggie Rebers

MAGGIE REBERS is a collaborative recitalist and chamber musician. Her passion is for live performance before intimate audiences through chamber music, specifically art song, instrumental solos, and 4-hand piano. Her goal is to bring high quality classical music to regular people, and she strives to create long-term partnerships with soloists who share a similar artistic outlook. Through extensive experience with singers of all levels, Maggie has developed skills in creative programming and repertoire selection, to which she generally likes to bring a bit of playfulness or humor.

She prefers the traditional recital format, but has also participated in well-received projects combining multiple art-forms (poetry, dance, lighting) for a more unique performance experience.

Maggie enjoys playing background music for parties and special events. Guests appreciate her blend of elegant classical piano literature with light popular fare.

She also maintains a small private piano studio where she stresses musical literacy and the joy of hard work for students of all ages.

Maggie has performed in productions with Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, and Acacia Theatre. She has performed on both the Cabaret and Salon Recital Series at Skylight, as well as other local recital series.

phone: 262.442.7777

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