Mark Davis

Mark Davis
Mark Davis

I first heard Mark Davis at Chip and Py’s, now known as Harvey’s Central Grille.  He was playing with a trio, mostly songs from the Great American Songbook.  I have no recollection of eating that night, let alone what I ate, I was so entranced by the music.  If you are looking for an absolutely killer jazz pianist for your event, Mark Davis is an excellent choice.  Whether alone or with a bass, drums, and/or horn, Mark plays with such elegance and panache.  He is also one of the top jazz piano teachers in Milwaukee. When I finally get around to doing some serious jazz piano studying, I know Mark will be the person I check in with. He is the founder and artistic director of the Milwaukee Jazz Institute.  To get more info on Mark, check out his website.

phone: 414.350.5047

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  1. Mr.Mark Davis is unequivocally a talented pianist and a top-notch teacher! His vast knowledge of music theory coupled with his seemingly inexhaustible supply of patience, make coming to his class a pleasure rather than an arduous chore ! Since learning from Mr Davis, my piano playing has soared exponentially. I have learned an appreciable amount about chord constructions and voicings I am yet learning more about chords, progressions,and runs and how to name them and most importantly to incorporate them into my own playing. Mr Davis always models the chords in each lesson and allows me to question him about his musical techniques. Every week I leave the class with renewed determination to practice more and to become a more polished pianist.I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Davis to any person who is serious about learning jazz piano or to someone who just wants to enhance his/her musical skills . My name is Gregory J. Robertson and I approve this message!

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