Martha Galvin

Here’s how Martha Galvin recently summed up her background in an email:

I studied at Lawrence University with Marjorie Irvin and Ted Rehl from 1970-1974 and then taught there the year after graduation in the preparatory department. My graduate study was at the University of Iowa with James Avery. My first job in Milwaukee was playing class for the Milwaukee Ballet school but after about a year I started a private studio. Sometime in the late 1980’s I worked at Concordia University for 5 years teaching class and individual piano lessons and accompanying student and faculty recitals. After Concordia, I performed in a piano trio call the Rosewood Trio which was coached by Wolfgang Laufer, professor of cello studies and a member of the Fine Arts Quartet. We took the trio to a festival in Hiersac France in 1999. I was class accompanist for Shorewood High School for several years under Jason Clark and still play for him for his Masterwork concerts and at the Milwaukee Children’s Choir. I have done quite a bit of vocal accompanying and currently play for Roberta Ricci’s high school vocal studio.  I can do classical, opera, musical theater, choral, and am also the organist and Director of Music at Luther Memorial Chapel in Shorewood.

Phone: 414.491.4978

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